Essedil The Creeper

A warlord trying to reclaim his past


      Score   Mod                            

STR 16   +3                               

CON 11  +0                               

DEX  15  +2                               

INT   18 +4                               

WIS  08 -2                                

CHA  10 +0  


AC    20=11+5+4

Fort   15=11+3+1

Ref    16=11+4+1

Will    13=11+1+1



Current HP = 33

Temp HP=                                                                  


Surges Used=                                                                                      

Healing Surges/Day=7

Surge Heals=8 pts per surge





Passive Perception=14

Passive Insight=11


Weapon / Implement – Attack – Damage – Range – Properties / Notes

Long Sword (life drnkr)  +8 – d8+8 – n/a – gain 5 temp HP when drop enemy

Hand X-Bow  +5 – d6+2 – 10/20 – No properties

Dagger  +7 – d4+3 – 5/10 – No properties



Arcana 5

Athletics 9

Diplomacy 6

Endurance 6

Heal 4

History 12

Intimidate 6

Perception 4

Religion 5




Commanders Strike – At Will

Wolf Pack Tactics – At Will

Warlords Favor – Encounter

Steel Monsoon – Encounter

Lead The Attack – Daily

Knights Move – Utility



Fey Step

Eladrin Soldier

Combat Leader

Inspiring Word

Tactical Assault

Tactical Presence

Combat Leader


Hide Armor gives +10 Resistence w/healing surge after bloodied


Essedil De'Tyrantis

The tall Eladrin was definitely an exotic species to the locals of Fallcrest. When he arrived about six months ago, folks thought him a queer sight at best. He looked to be about six feet tall and a buck eighty. He walked with a slow and purposeful gate. As if he was watching out for something. His facial features were either something a person liked with an exotic flair or the pupiless eyes just plain creeped you out. His hair was pretty long and fairly straight. The silvery white color added to the strangeness. He had sharp features and very pale skin. The women folk seemed to envy the hair, at least that's what it seems like.

The stranger settled at the Blue Moon and as folks braved a conversation, they learned his name was Essedil. Apparently he arrived in Fallcrest to research some type of property records. Things involving property seem to take time and this was apparently no different than the average. Essedil did not seem to be in much of a hurry.

The Lord Warden Faren Markelhay was quick to visit the stranger. The warden and his wife seem to always favor the elvish types and what is an Eladrin but a hoity toity Elf, right? By the looks of the sword and gear the Eladrin carried it was apparent he had some type of martial skills. He claimed to be a novice learning the art of combat. It wasn't long before the Lord Warden asked Essedil to offer his sword in support of the town. Seemed like a good idea if Essedil was going to stay for a while. I suppose the Lord Warden couldn't pass up adding an Eladrin to his troupe. Next thing you know the Eladrin was Knighted! It all seemed to happen pretty fast. But I guess it is kind of nice having an Eladrin fighting for our little Fallcrest.

One thing some folks mentioned when they gossiped as those in Fallcrest do. There was something about the Eladrin that just did not seem right. Took a while to place it, but it eventually dawned on old Jarvis in the town watch. The fella seemed to have a few too many scars and rough spots for a novice sword swinger. Hmm, well maybe he was just clumsy as a kid. Oh, and there was one other thing. A few of the women noticed ol' Essedil seemed to stop by widow Sandercot's store quite often. Apparently at some odd hours. Makes one wonder if it's business or pleasure.


Essedil The Creeper

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