Petra Ironstar

Cleric of Moradin


Dwarf female, 4'6", red hair, blue eyes, usually seen carrying large axe


Petra is 25 years old. She has spent most of her life within the stronghold of Hammerfast. Four years ago, Petra set out for Fallcrest, seeking to make sure that the shrine to Moradin in the great Temple of Erathis was being properly taken care of. Also, she wanted to finally get out into the real world. Petra likes being in Fallcrest where no one knows her birthday, and she can just be herself. She is generally well thought of around town because she often goes into the poorer districts of town to heal the people there for free. Petra knows Teldorthan Ironhews and his two sons very well, being that their respective clans have very close ties in Hammerfast.

Petra Ironstar

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