Kallista Melkor

The younger sister of Drek'Thanos Melkor


Petite, very lithe and thin like her mother Ry'Lea.


Kallista has become a successful sculptor. She works for one of the few stoncutters left in town. She spends all day making marble pillars, steps, floors, and mantles for people's houses or temples in the Nentir Vale. She comes home at the end of the day covered in marble dust and exhausted.

However in her free time she fashions beautiful works of art from marble, both big and small. She has sold her work in the local shops.

Recently she has caught the attention of Orest Naerumar, the tiefling owner of Naerumar's Imports. He has become her sponsor; buying her works and selling them all over the Nentir Vale and beyond.

Kallista Melkor

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