Thair Coalstriker

Dwarven Blacksmith


Stock and triple-bearded, never seen without his trusty hammer. A gruff exterior masks a quick wit and a loud laugh.


This gruff dwarf is in poor humor over the success of Bairwin's shop. He openly complains about the Grand Shoppe's overnight success. He explains that Bairwin arrived in town with a wagon full of junk a few years ago and has since managed to build a shop that seems constantly to acquire more merchandise and expensive items despite having few customers.

Characters who question Thair further learn that Bairwin was at first a frequent customer of Thair's. Bairwin often purchased metal goods like shovels, spades, and wheelbarrows. Thair assumes that Bairwin managed somehow to sell these items at great profit to others in the area-perhaps dwarves in the nearby hills. Whatever the case, the dwarf smith is bitter over Bairwin's shop's growth.

Thair Coalstriker

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