Kemara Brownbottle

Brew Master at the Blue Moon Alehouse


Slender with dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes.


Kemara Brownbottle – she worked as a young lass with her father, mother, and brothers, and a baby sister, on a river boat transporting glass products up and down the river. But late one evening a storm arose and the river swelled turning into a torrent. Lightning flashed as their boat capsized and her family was drowned, she was swept down steam and washed ashore. A human hunter found her and took her to the Bluemoon Tavern where the owner took her in as help. Her fellow halflings tried to persuade her to return to the river, but she would have nothing of it. She has never been on a boat since, and is terrified of rivers to this day.

Kemara Brownbottle

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