Tag: halfling


  • Kemara Brownbottle

    Kemara Brownbottle - she worked as a young lass with her father, mother, and brothers, and a baby sister, on a river boat transporting glass products up and down the river. But late one evening a storm arose and the river swelled turning …

  • Wisara Osterman

      For many years, the Silver Unicorn has billed itself as "the Pride of Fallcrest," charging high rates for its attentive service and well-appointed rooms.

    A room in the Silver Unicorn costs 2 gp per night.

  • Selarund Halfmoon

    Halfmoon Trading House

    The Halfmoon family is a large, far-flung clan of halflings who keep small trading posts in several settlements throughout the Nentir Vale. This is the largest and most important of those establishments. It …

  • Lannar Thistleton

    He keeps a larger corral about a mile outside of town, and at any given time Lannar has several riding horses, draft horses, or mules in his paddock near Wizard's Gate.

  • Irena Swiftwater

    Lower Quays - Keelboats and similar craft put in here to unload their cargo and portage it up to other boats above the falls. As described for the Upper Quays, the porters' guild jealously defends its monopoly on moving cargo around …

  • Tobolar Quickfoot

    Tobolar is lonely. He spends his days in the Green Tower studying his lessons and looking through the tomes in the tower's library. His parents and sister were killed by troglodytes and he came here when he had no other place to go. As Nimozaran had …