Tag: Dwarf


  • Thair Coalstriker

    This gruff dwarf is in poor humor over the success of Bairwin's shop. He openly complains about the Grand Shoppe's overnight success. He explains that Bairwin arrived in town with a wagon full of junk a few years ago and has since managed to …

  • Grundelmar

    When Fallcrest was a larger city, it supported several good-sized temples located in the Hightown districts. With the town's depopulation, several of these were abandoned, including the House of the Sun, a temple dedicated to Pelor. …

  • Sergeant Murgeddin

    Fallcrest's eastern city gate is known as Wizard's Gate, because it's the gate most convenient to the Septarch's Tower. The road to the east travels a few miles into the surrounding hills, linking a number of outlying farms …

  • Teldorthan Ironhews

    Teldorthan has in stock (or can soon manufacture) just about any mundane weapon or armor an adventurer might need.



    *Eldorthen Ironhews*

    *Erthandor Ironhews*

  • Petra Ironstar

    Petra is 25 years old. She has spent most of her life within the stronghold of Hammerfast. Four years ago, Petra set out for Fallcrest, seeking to make sure that the shrine to Moradin in the great Temple of Erathis was being properly taken care of. Also, …