Session 2
Kobold Hall

Rymar crept quietly down the stairs to the next level, checking the steps for traps. The chamber below was vast but dark. Drek followed behind and stood at the ready. "Where's the mage's light?" Rymar hissed to the tiefling. "Light!" Drek whispered up the stairs. Ridcully concentrated and sent the light down to the rogues. They quickly hugged the wall hiding in the long shadows created by the floating light. Rymar heard some chittering further into the darkness at the other end of the hall. Tarquin came next and listened as Rymar explained about the Kolbolds lurking up ahead.

Tarquin moved forward only to hear a slight click as he was examining a coffin. A sharp pain struck him in the left shoulder and a stiffness traveled over him, he was paralyzed. Rymar slid up next to the paladin and shook him. He didn't move. Rymar noticed an alcove with a dwarven statue in it. He searched but could not find anything. Ridcully and Essedil came down next. The wizard realized the light was not sufficient for the size of the dungeon. He broke out a sunrod and tossed it into the middle of the chamber.

Kobolds scattered to the nearby alcoves when the light washed over them. Petra came down to check on the Paladin but by now he was moving again and rushing toward the kobolds by the alter. Arathael stayed at the rear to guard against any kobold patrols returning to the warren.

Tarquin passed by an alcove where one of the skirmishers was hiding. It followed him to the altar and attacked from behind. The humaniods chittered excitedly and surrounded him. The warlord and Rymar quickly came up to help. Drek crossed the room, throwing his deadly stars at the kobold slingers. Ridcully cast a sleep spell on the kolbolds that had surrounded the paladin causing them to slow down. Arathael moved to the center of the room but was paralyzed by the poison dart trap. Drek hunted down a kobold as it tried to escape. Petra got closer to the battle and healed Tarquin. They finally cornered the last kobold and gave no quarter.

The next chamber held an odd contraption. The paladin felt something whoosh by his head as he entered. The light revealed a room with a slime pit and a large bolder secured by a rope on the ceiling. The kobolds swung the glue covered rock at the party as they advanced. Essedil charged a ledge that held a slinger and fey stepped next to him. Drek fired shurikens at the scaly lizards, quickly taking the weaker ones out. Rymar joined Essedil while the paladin found cover below the ledge. Ridcully fired ice spells, frost rays, and magic missles, while Arathael pinned them with arrows. The swinging rock strikes Ridcully knocking him back. A drake guard attacks Rymar on the left platform. Essedil went down the back stairs to let the paladin and cleric in to the back hallway. He found two more Drake Guards waiting for him at the bottom of the steps. He rushed to the door as one nipped at him from behind. Petra healed them, and the paladin fought the lizards back with the wardlord's aid. Arathael fey stepped upon the right platform and came in behind a kobold and the drakes. He easily killed the kobold handler and then decimated a drake guard single handedly! The last drake fighting Drek and Rymar was resilient but in the end they defeated it. A long hall past the stairs to the platforms beckons to the party. What other insideous traps and creatures await the party?


Session XP: 230
Total XP: 345

Session 1
Kobold Hall

The story really began a few days before, when Teldorthan Ironhews paid a visit to Lord Warden Faren Markelhay-

"What can I do for you master dwarf?" the warden asked.
"I'll tell ye!" Teldorthan barked. "Ye can get me green dragon hide back that's what!"
"What happed to it?"
"Some farm boy in Winterhaven found this drake dead in his field. So he skins it and tells the tale. I heard o it and sent word I'd buy it from him if he shipped it to me here."
"Then what happened?"
"The caravan carrying the hide was attacked by them durn Kobolds from the Cloakwood! That's what! Now them lizards done drugged me hide off to their nest! What are ye gonna do about it?"
"My knights and I will look into the matter. I will see to it personally," he assures Teldorthan. "We can't have the few caravans that are coming to Fallcrest being attacked now can we?"
"Aye. We can't," the dwarf replies on his way out.
Lord Faren walks out onto his balcony, overlooking the courtyard, and sees Arathael letting Avalon out to stretch her wings.

A few days later, Arathael, Essedil, and Tarquin set out with Lord Faren to hunt with Avalon. They traveled north up the King's road. The next day they headed south through the fields toward the Cloakwood.  There they spotted shadowy figures emerging from the tree-line. Lord Faren had seen for himself; Kobolds lurking in the forest near the King's Road, their warren no doubt close by.

As they rode back to town, he told the warriors to go into Low Town and find some battle-tested warriors that would be willing to set out on a quest to rid the area of the pesky humanoids. The next night at the Blue Moon Alehouse, the knights and the Eladrin Ranger called a meeting and many of the town's business owners and citizens attended.

The knights announced that Lord Faren Markelhay was commissioning a group of brave souls to travel outside of the city and find the kobolds and destroy them. They promised they would be paid well for their efforts. A powerful looking horned Tiefling named Drek'Thanos Melkor was the first to sign-up for the quest, followed by Petra Ironstar a cleric of Moradin, Rymar Dradyn a sly fellow noone knows much about, and Ridcully from the mages guild. Sergeant Nereth attempted to join the quest but received an epic fail instead.

The following morning, the party met at Sandercot's Provision's as directed by Essedil. The widow Sandercot was able to help supply anyone with the gear they needed for the journey. After breakfast at the Blue Moon they set out to the North along the King's Road. A baleful howl was heard as they camped that night.

That morning they entered the Cloakwood. Signs of Kobold activity were everywhere and the party pushed through the tangled wood searching for the lair. They had no luck and were forced to camp in the woods. Arvandra smiled on them the next day as they easily found the nest of the kobold brood. They had found Kobold Hall.

They carefully entered and saw that the first room was guarded by the small lizard folk. Two of them had slings that hurled small clay pots filled with slimy glue. Getting hit by one, made you stuck fast to the floor and unable to move. Essedil pushed one of the skirmishers in to the pit which was filled four feet deep with the glue. Drek tried to leap the corner of the pit, while hanging on to Rymar. Tarquin the Paladin moved to the front line and fought the kobolds fiercely. Ridcully blasted them with white rays of frost while Petra made sure everyone stayed healed. One Slinger in the hall behind the portcullis got away, but the others were vanquished by the heroes.

XP: 115

Welcome to Fourth Edition

In the past, the world was full of light, and hope. Occasionally a small or sometimes large spot of darkness would appear on the land, and begin to grow and take form. It was during these dark times that heroes such as yourselves were called upon to seek out and face these "points of darkness" and stamp them out. Adventurers were needed to fight back the darkness, the evil that threatened the good realm, city, or village.

Now things are reversed. The land is utterly filled with darkness. Very little is known about the lands just beyond the area you live in. Evil lurks just out of sight, waiting to strike and wipe out the small "points of light" that is your home. Now heroes are needed to help defend and protect the small community in which you live. Keep them from being snuffed out like a candle in a dark cold chamber. It has happened before and it does happen now; Stories of other towns and villages being overrun by hordes of fierce creatures, terrible monsters, and evil demons slipping in from the Shadowfell are whispered in taverns late at night when the children sleep.

This is the world your characters will find themselves in, a world of darkness closing in around them and promising to choke the life out of them if they do not prevail! Welcome to the Fourth Edition of Dungeons and Dragons!


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