Session 22


In a final chamber the party found old Markelhay waiting for them. As powerful in undeath as he was in life. He held Moonbane defiantly and swore they would not have his family’s sword.

Two body guards, now Deathlock Wights, stood by at the ready to defend their liege.

But the party was able to reason with Markelhay that the threats of 100 years ago were gone and a new Markelhay was in charge of leading the land to properity and needed the family sword to that end. They convinced the undead warrior to relenquish Moonbane and find peace at last.

Markelhay crumbled into ash and dust, leaving Tarquin holding the long lost sword.

Lord Faren was overcome with joy at the site of his family’s sword, passed down for generations. He awarded the party with gold and to his favorite knight, a new blade wreathed in fire.

Session XP: 233
Total XP: 5,608



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