Session 19

The Portal

Lowering themselves on Ridcully’s floating disk, the party decended to the chamber below. There they found Kalarel waiting for them. He fired dark necrotic energy at the party.

In the portal chamber they fought Deathlock wights which killed Ridcully with orbs of necrotic magic. They also found out Splug’s true nature. He was a Dark Creeper. A terric battle ensued and the party nearly lost everthing. But they held strong and with many well placed attacks, brought Kalarel to his knees.

Displeased with his failure, the beast of Orcus stretched the membrane covering the portal and reached out to grab Kalarel, sucking him into the Shadowfell for an eternity of dark suffering.

Victorious, the party returned to Winterhaven. The cult, having no leader, disbanded.

Session XP: 690
Total XP: 4,761



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