Session 18

Dark Cathedral

Beyond the corpse room was a small Crypt. The final resting place of Sir Keegan's children. Remembered by some, forgotten by others. Two alcoves to the east were home to a pair of Gelatonous Cubes that ventured out from time to time to keep the crypt clean.

They were a bit of a gooey mess, but the party handled them well enough. As a result of the unholy rituals taking place nearby, two Corruption Corpses attacked the party from behind. Petra completely destroyed the first one with her Radiant powers.

The massive room they entered next was awash with a blue green glow emanating from three crystal pillars and one shattered pillar. Inside was a great alter filled with sacrifices to fuel Kalarel's Rift opening ritual. An underpriest of Orcus was overseeing the sacrifices and was angry to be interrupted by the heroes.

Vampire Spawn crept from the darkness to attack the party as they entered the Dark Cathedral. Three berserker worshipers also challenged the group. Dark tendrils of Necrotice energy streamed from the preists fingers and wracked Rymar's body with pain!

Splug revealed his true nature, as his shadowy visage melted away and as a Dark Creeper he attacked Arathael. Another Creeper lept at Petra. Tarquin, Ridcully, and Essedil fought the rest of the Beserker body guards and Drek helped Rymar.

I thought I killed Splug! moaned Orim. That little worm! I knew he was evil!

A huge battle ensued, Ridcully blasted a Berserker into the blood soaked pit, but he later returned to attack Orim. Tarquin went after the priest with help from Drek. In the end they defeated all of the minions of Orcus and thought they had won the day….but from the pit below, a deep chanting reached their ears, and they knew they were just getting started!

Session XP: 316
Total XP: 4,071




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