Session 17

Traps and Ghouls

The next room the party entered was a massive mausoleum with a giant statue of an armored warrior dominating the center of the chamber. The warrior wielded a large stone sword. In the opposite corners were two stone dragons. On the other side of the room was an exit hall flanked by four stone gargoyles.

Ridcully and Orim approached the warrior statue to examine it more closely as the others spread out into the room. Suddenly the eyes of the construct glowed bright red and the statue turned and swung its sword in a deadly arc catching most of the party by surprise. Drek and Rymar realized this was a trap and slid behind the stone guardian and tried to disable it. Orim and Ridcully fled toward the dragon statues.

Unfortunately they also came to life and bellowed force waves at them, sending them back into the path of the swinging sword. Tarquin crawled out of the sword's reach, while Petra healed them. Essedil struck at the statue.
Drek and Rymar were unable to disarm the trap and they too moved to the edge of the chamber. Arathael fired arrows at the dragons.

Orim and Ridcully managed to disable one of the dragon's with their knowledge of the Arcane. Tarquin helped smash the last dragon. Meanwhile Drek, Rymar, and Orim examined the gargoyles, who seemed to be protected by a field of force. Essedil went to check the exit. As he approached the doors, the force field left the gargoyles and erected a barrier between them and the doors as well as the rest of the room they had left.

The gargoyles immediately started spewing water into the confined area. It began to fill quickly. Fortunately they could now damage the statues. Drek and Rymar started disabling them, while Essedil and Orim attacked them. Soon the chamber was half full and they had only taken out two gargoyles. Suddenly the water began to spin in a whirlpool and it was difficult to attack the statues. Essedil destroyed a third one as Drek swam down to disable the last statue with Rymar helping him. The water was nearly to the top and they had only one chance left to take out the remaining gargoyle. Drek swam down again with Rymar and Essedil assisting him. He managed to shut the trap down and the force field dropped, spilling the water into the main room where the others were.

Beyond the double doors of the traps room was a crypt filled with the stench of rotting flesh. It was dark so Ridcully sent in the mage hand and sunrod. The light revealed a floor littered with decomposing humaniods. Carefully Drek and Rymar led the way into the grisly chamber. It was soon evident that some of the bodies were not quite dead, but rather undead. Hands and claws reached up and attacked the party from all parts of the room. They battle several slow moving zombies, but a couple of them were extraordinarily strong. Then came the ghouls. Ravenous creatures hungry for their flesh.

Petra turned several of the undead and the rest of the party methodically whittled the zombies into dust. The final ghoul however went toe to toe with Tarquin. Even with help from Essedil and Arathael the ghoul refused to be destroyed. He immoblized and bit Tarquin several times.

Meanwhile thinking the battle nigh over, Rymar, Drek, and Orim searched the rest of the catacombs. Drek found stairs leading down to yet another set of doors, while Orim discovered a small tunnel leading to a hidden room. The room was filled with rusted weapons, armor, and clothing of the corpses in the other chamber still battling the party to the dire death. Orim hummed merrily as he rumaged through the long lost articles, hoping to find something useful. And indeed he did! He knew he had found something special when he lifted a leather satchel off the pile. It was in excellent shape and contained gold. He also noted that the space inside could hold far more than it should normally be able. He had found a Bag of Holding! Meanwhile outside, Tarquin fell to his knees, blood pouring from a claw mark on his face…

Session XP: 450
Total XP: 3,755



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