Session 16

A Vicious Battle

To the east of the Hobgoblin guard room with the spiders, was a similar room with a pit in the center. Passages lead from the room to the east and south. Suddenly an arrow whizzed by Drek's head. A hobgoblin archer was seen down the eastern corridor. The party chased after him as he vanished through a set of double doors to the north.

The party passed another tunnel to the south, but continued to pursue the hob through the northern doors. They found a supply room with many crates and barrels stacked against the west wall. There was a door on the north wall and around a corner to the east the archer shouted out a warning that they were under attack. He fled out another set of double doors to the east as Drek entered the room.

Essedil followed him into the room and found a common room filled with hobgoblins! Two archers, two soldiers, two grunts and a war caster. The party poured into the room, bunching up a bit in the entrance way. Ridcully held the doors open with his mage hand. The hobgoblin mage, fired force bolts and force pulses at the party dropping some of them to the floor. From the rear, they were attacked by another soldier and four more grunts. Ridculy wiped out the grunts as a flaming skeleton brought a flaming sphere and burned the grunts to the ground. Slowly the hobgoblins fell away as they killed the caster, then surrounded and finshed off the archers.

They invesigated the southern passage with Drek leading the way. Drek stepped on a pressure plate, and dropped a portcullis in the tunnel, blocking the way. Drek and Essedil aided Aratheal in bending the bars back so they could get through. As they entered the room, the Hobgoblin War Chief emereged from a back room with four grunts. He charged the party and struck Drek in the chest. Rymar moved up to help him. From another door in the room, three soldiers came out and ambushed, Essedil, Tarquin, and Aratheal. Essedil hopped onto the large table in the room as Drek wiped out the grunts. Ridcully supported with spells and Petra healed the seriously wounded as the battle raged on. The hobgoblins fought fiercly but were eventually overcome. In the war chief's room they found a chest containing 400 gold, and a magical vicious short sword which everyone agreed should go to Rymar.

They also found an order from the hobgoblin chief to his patrols that any intruders should be thrown into the pits and kept alive to be sold as slaves to the Blood Reavers from Thunderspire.

Session XP: 222
Total XP: 3,305



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