Session 15

Along Came a Spider (or two)

Of course the heroes entered the next room where upon they found a large pool of brackish water. Curiously around the edge of the pool were small piles of refuse and debris.  As they searched through the piles, they began to find bits of treasure! A few silver here and a few gold there. Drek even found a nice pair of leather gloves.

But then the pool began to ripple and pop with bubbles filled with a toxic gas. Several choked from the fumes as a huge bluish slime rose from the pool and began to attack and slam the party with watery appendages. The party fought back and the slime sprayed them with gobs of acid. Tarquin finally managed to deliver a stunning blow and the creature slid back into its pool.  They healed for a moment but the slime soon returned. After a long battle, they finally managed to burst the creature. It exploded and showered them with acidic slime. Orim swam down into the watery pool of acid to see if anything was in the pool. The creature maintained a clean domicle however and nothing was found.

The party traveled to the second level where they were challenged by a room full of Hobgoblins. A goblin shouts the phrase "Shadow seeks shadow!" The party replied with the pass phrase they had found on Ninaran, "From the ground some magic was found." Unfortunately she carried a false pass phrase to let Kalarel know if she had been captured or killed.

"Intruders!" The hobgoblins shouted and stepped back as the party swarmed into the room to fight them. The party went left and right around a pit in the center of the chamber. Aratheal was struck by Hobgoblin archers at the back of the room. The battle was a pitched fight, but it was well in hand unitl from the rear chamber a large beast emerged. A deathjump spider crawled out and bit Arathael. Fortunately Ridcully slowed it down with a spell and limited it's attacks. Arathael retreated and Tarquin took blows meant for Drek and shielded Arathael behind his new large shield.

Still the battle raged on and just went it could not go any worse, another Deathjump spider leapt into the room!
Tarquin fell as the party ran out of spells, healing, and health. There was no other choice however and they plowed through the pain and the remaining hobgoblins. Finally killing the spiders and the last hob soldier.

They collapsed in exhaustion, "I doubt there are any more spiders back there," Orim gasped hopefully.


Session XP: 279
Total XP: 3,083




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