Session 14


Down the hall from Balgron's Lair, the party discovered a room being excavated by goblins. There were small "islands" of floor connected by wooden planks. Three guard drakes were with the goblins and promptly attacked the party. After killing the drakes and goblins, they headed south. No one thought to ask Splug why the goblins were digging up the room.

To the south they found a seldom used section of the dungeon. It was littered with piles of bones. The cavern was also crawling with giant rats, but the largest denzien was an Ochre Jelly that slid out to attack them. Just as they thought it was close to being destroyed, it split into two separate jellies.

Next the party found a secret cache hidden by Balgron. He had extra supplies and a suit of Elven Battle armor. After that the party moved to a strange door to the west. They found it to be unlocked, but scrawled on the door in common were the words, "Very bad place, do not enter!" 

As is the case with adventurers, do you really expect them to heed such warnings?

Session XP: 216
Total XP: 2804




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