Session 13

Balgron's Lair

After returning to town, the party was given a Feast at Wrafton's Inn for defeating the undead and saving the town. They ate, drank, and slept in town that night, but the next morning they knew their task was not yet done. The had to return to Shadowfell Keep and complete their quest to stop Kalarel.

On the way to the keep they found Splug by the road side cooking a couple of rats.

Splug led them to the goblin chieftan's lair. The goblins were prepared for a fight and a pitched battle ensued. The sound of muted steel rang out and echoed down the hall as the heroes pushed the goblins back into a corner. Some of the party wanted to rest be Essedil insisted that they press onward.

In a back chamber they found Balgron the Fat. He was surround by body guards, and he shot Tarquin with a cross bow bolt. Essedil fey-stepped to the goblin leader and engaged him while the others fought his warriors and minions. Soon Balgron found he was outmatched but was too stupid to surrender, hoping that somehow Orcus would save him.

It was not to be, Drek leapt in and finished the foul creature off. One lone guard survived as the party's prisoner.

In Balgron's treasure chest, they found a sack of gold and a magical wand.

Session XP: 144
Total XP: 2588



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