Session 22

In a final chamber the party found old Markelhay waiting for them. As powerful in undeath as he was in life. He held Moonbane defiantly and swore they would not have his family’s sword.

Two body guards, now Deathlock Wights, stood by at the ready to defend their liege.

But the party was able to reason with Markelhay that the threats of 100 years ago were gone and a new Markelhay was in charge of leading the land to properity and needed the family sword to that end. They convinced the undead warrior to relenquish Moonbane and find peace at last.

Markelhay crumbled into ash and dust, leaving Tarquin holding the long lost sword.

Lord Faren was overcome with joy at the site of his family’s sword, passed down for generations. He awarded the party with gold and to his favorite knight, a new blade wreathed in fire.

Session XP: 233
Total XP: 5,608
Session 21
Zombies and Wraiths

Inside the complex, the party disturbed the graves of long dead Paladins and the power magic surrounding the place animated several corpses. In addition, wraiths appeared drawn by the party’s life force.

They battled the undead and searched deeper into the complex.

Session XP: 406
Total XP: 5,375
Session 20
Gardbury Downs

It was rumored that Lord Faren Markelhay’s grandfather left the battlefield a 100 years ago with the family sword. He hid in the abandoned monastery temple of an old order of paladins.

The party decided to investigate the ancient temple.

They found a group of hobgoblins lairing in the entrace to the monastery.

Session XP: 208
Total XP: 4,969
Session 19
The Portal

Lowering themselves on Ridcully’s floating disk, the party decended to the chamber below. There they found Kalarel waiting for them. He fired dark necrotic energy at the party.

In the portal chamber they fought Deathlock wights which killed Ridcully with orbs of necrotic magic. They also found out Splug’s true nature. He was a Dark Creeper. A terric battle ensued and the party nearly lost everthing. But they held strong and with many well placed attacks, brought Kalarel to his knees.

Displeased with his failure, the beast of Orcus stretched the membrane covering the portal and reached out to grab Kalarel, sucking him into the Shadowfell for an eternity of dark suffering.

Victorious, the party returned to Winterhaven. The cult, having no leader, disbanded.

Session XP: 690
Total XP: 4,761
Session 18
Dark Cathedral

Beyond the corpse room was a small Crypt. The final resting place of Sir Keegan's children. Remembered by some, forgotten by others. Two alcoves to the east were home to a pair of Gelatonous Cubes that ventured out from time to time to keep the crypt clean.

They were a bit of a gooey mess, but the party handled them well enough. As a result of the unholy rituals taking place nearby, two Corruption Corpses attacked the party from behind. Petra completely destroyed the first one with her Radiant powers.

The massive room they entered next was awash with a blue green glow emanating from three crystal pillars and one shattered pillar. Inside was a great alter filled with sacrifices to fuel Kalarel's Rift opening ritual. An underpriest of Orcus was overseeing the sacrifices and was angry to be interrupted by the heroes.

Vampire Spawn crept from the darkness to attack the party as they entered the Dark Cathedral. Three berserker worshipers also challenged the group. Dark tendrils of Necrotice energy streamed from the preists fingers and wracked Rymar's body with pain!

Splug revealed his true nature, as his shadowy visage melted away and as a Dark Creeper he attacked Arathael. Another Creeper lept at Petra. Tarquin, Ridcully, and Essedil fought the rest of the Beserker body guards and Drek helped Rymar.

I thought I killed Splug! moaned Orim. That little worm! I knew he was evil!

A huge battle ensued, Ridcully blasted a Berserker into the blood soaked pit, but he later returned to attack Orim. Tarquin went after the priest with help from Drek. In the end they defeated all of the minions of Orcus and thought they had won the day….but from the pit below, a deep chanting reached their ears, and they knew they were just getting started!

Session XP: 316
Total XP: 4,071


Session 17
Traps and Ghouls

The next room the party entered was a massive mausoleum with a giant statue of an armored warrior dominating the center of the chamber. The warrior wielded a large stone sword. In the opposite corners were two stone dragons. On the other side of the room was an exit hall flanked by four stone gargoyles.

Ridcully and Orim approached the warrior statue to examine it more closely as the others spread out into the room. Suddenly the eyes of the construct glowed bright red and the statue turned and swung its sword in a deadly arc catching most of the party by surprise. Drek and Rymar realized this was a trap and slid behind the stone guardian and tried to disable it. Orim and Ridcully fled toward the dragon statues.

Unfortunately they also came to life and bellowed force waves at them, sending them back into the path of the swinging sword. Tarquin crawled out of the sword's reach, while Petra healed them. Essedil struck at the statue.
Drek and Rymar were unable to disarm the trap and they too moved to the edge of the chamber. Arathael fired arrows at the dragons.

Orim and Ridcully managed to disable one of the dragon's with their knowledge of the Arcane. Tarquin helped smash the last dragon. Meanwhile Drek, Rymar, and Orim examined the gargoyles, who seemed to be protected by a field of force. Essedil went to check the exit. As he approached the doors, the force field left the gargoyles and erected a barrier between them and the doors as well as the rest of the room they had left.

The gargoyles immediately started spewing water into the confined area. It began to fill quickly. Fortunately they could now damage the statues. Drek and Rymar started disabling them, while Essedil and Orim attacked them. Soon the chamber was half full and they had only taken out two gargoyles. Suddenly the water began to spin in a whirlpool and it was difficult to attack the statues. Essedil destroyed a third one as Drek swam down to disable the last statue with Rymar helping him. The water was nearly to the top and they had only one chance left to take out the remaining gargoyle. Drek swam down again with Rymar and Essedil assisting him. He managed to shut the trap down and the force field dropped, spilling the water into the main room where the others were.

Beyond the double doors of the traps room was a crypt filled with the stench of rotting flesh. It was dark so Ridcully sent in the mage hand and sunrod. The light revealed a floor littered with decomposing humaniods. Carefully Drek and Rymar led the way into the grisly chamber. It was soon evident that some of the bodies were not quite dead, but rather undead. Hands and claws reached up and attacked the party from all parts of the room. They battle several slow moving zombies, but a couple of them were extraordinarily strong. Then came the ghouls. Ravenous creatures hungry for their flesh.

Petra turned several of the undead and the rest of the party methodically whittled the zombies into dust. The final ghoul however went toe to toe with Tarquin. Even with help from Essedil and Arathael the ghoul refused to be destroyed. He immoblized and bit Tarquin several times.

Meanwhile thinking the battle nigh over, Rymar, Drek, and Orim searched the rest of the catacombs. Drek found stairs leading down to yet another set of doors, while Orim discovered a small tunnel leading to a hidden room. The room was filled with rusted weapons, armor, and clothing of the corpses in the other chamber still battling the party to the dire death. Orim hummed merrily as he rumaged through the long lost articles, hoping to find something useful. And indeed he did! He knew he had found something special when he lifted a leather satchel off the pile. It was in excellent shape and contained gold. He also noted that the space inside could hold far more than it should normally be able. He had found a Bag of Holding! Meanwhile outside, Tarquin fell to his knees, blood pouring from a claw mark on his face…

Session XP: 450
Total XP: 3,755

Session 16
A Vicious Battle

To the east of the Hobgoblin guard room with the spiders, was a similar room with a pit in the center. Passages lead from the room to the east and south. Suddenly an arrow whizzed by Drek's head. A hobgoblin archer was seen down the eastern corridor. The party chased after him as he vanished through a set of double doors to the north.

The party passed another tunnel to the south, but continued to pursue the hob through the northern doors. They found a supply room with many crates and barrels stacked against the west wall. There was a door on the north wall and around a corner to the east the archer shouted out a warning that they were under attack. He fled out another set of double doors to the east as Drek entered the room.

Essedil followed him into the room and found a common room filled with hobgoblins! Two archers, two soldiers, two grunts and a war caster. The party poured into the room, bunching up a bit in the entrance way. Ridcully held the doors open with his mage hand. The hobgoblin mage, fired force bolts and force pulses at the party dropping some of them to the floor. From the rear, they were attacked by another soldier and four more grunts. Ridculy wiped out the grunts as a flaming skeleton brought a flaming sphere and burned the grunts to the ground. Slowly the hobgoblins fell away as they killed the caster, then surrounded and finshed off the archers.

They invesigated the southern passage with Drek leading the way. Drek stepped on a pressure plate, and dropped a portcullis in the tunnel, blocking the way. Drek and Essedil aided Aratheal in bending the bars back so they could get through. As they entered the room, the Hobgoblin War Chief emereged from a back room with four grunts. He charged the party and struck Drek in the chest. Rymar moved up to help him. From another door in the room, three soldiers came out and ambushed, Essedil, Tarquin, and Aratheal. Essedil hopped onto the large table in the room as Drek wiped out the grunts. Ridcully supported with spells and Petra healed the seriously wounded as the battle raged on. The hobgoblins fought fiercly but were eventually overcome. In the war chief's room they found a chest containing 400 gold, and a magical vicious short sword which everyone agreed should go to Rymar.

They also found an order from the hobgoblin chief to his patrols that any intruders should be thrown into the pits and kept alive to be sold as slaves to the Blood Reavers from Thunderspire.

Session XP: 222
Total XP: 3,305
Session 15
Along Came a Spider (or two)

Of course the heroes entered the next room where upon they found a large pool of brackish water. Curiously around the edge of the pool were small piles of refuse and debris.  As they searched through the piles, they began to find bits of treasure! A few silver here and a few gold there. Drek even found a nice pair of leather gloves.

But then the pool began to ripple and pop with bubbles filled with a toxic gas. Several choked from the fumes as a huge bluish slime rose from the pool and began to attack and slam the party with watery appendages. The party fought back and the slime sprayed them with gobs of acid. Tarquin finally managed to deliver a stunning blow and the creature slid back into its pool.  They healed for a moment but the slime soon returned. After a long battle, they finally managed to burst the creature. It exploded and showered them with acidic slime. Orim swam down into the watery pool of acid to see if anything was in the pool. The creature maintained a clean domicle however and nothing was found.

The party traveled to the second level where they were challenged by a room full of Hobgoblins. A goblin shouts the phrase "Shadow seeks shadow!" The party replied with the pass phrase they had found on Ninaran, "From the ground some magic was found." Unfortunately she carried a false pass phrase to let Kalarel know if she had been captured or killed.

"Intruders!" The hobgoblins shouted and stepped back as the party swarmed into the room to fight them. The party went left and right around a pit in the center of the chamber. Aratheal was struck by Hobgoblin archers at the back of the room. The battle was a pitched fight, but it was well in hand unitl from the rear chamber a large beast emerged. A deathjump spider crawled out and bit Arathael. Fortunately Ridcully slowed it down with a spell and limited it's attacks. Arathael retreated and Tarquin took blows meant for Drek and shielded Arathael behind his new large shield.

Still the battle raged on and just went it could not go any worse, another Deathjump spider leapt into the room!
Tarquin fell as the party ran out of spells, healing, and health. There was no other choice however and they plowed through the pain and the remaining hobgoblins. Finally killing the spiders and the last hob soldier.

They collapsed in exhaustion, "I doubt there are any more spiders back there," Orim gasped hopefully.


Session XP: 279
Total XP: 3,083


Session 14

Down the hall from Balgron's Lair, the party discovered a room being excavated by goblins. There were small "islands" of floor connected by wooden planks. Three guard drakes were with the goblins and promptly attacked the party. After killing the drakes and goblins, they headed south. No one thought to ask Splug why the goblins were digging up the room.

To the south they found a seldom used section of the dungeon. It was littered with piles of bones. The cavern was also crawling with giant rats, but the largest denzien was an Ochre Jelly that slid out to attack them. Just as they thought it was close to being destroyed, it split into two separate jellies.

Next the party found a secret cache hidden by Balgron. He had extra supplies and a suit of Elven Battle armor. After that the party moved to a strange door to the west. They found it to be unlocked, but scrawled on the door in common were the words, "Very bad place, do not enter!" 

As is the case with adventurers, do you really expect them to heed such warnings?

Session XP: 216
Total XP: 2804


Session 13
Balgron's Lair

After returning to town, the party was given a Feast at Wrafton's Inn for defeating the undead and saving the town. They ate, drank, and slept in town that night, but the next morning they knew their task was not yet done. The had to return to Shadowfell Keep and complete their quest to stop Kalarel.

On the way to the keep they found Splug by the road side cooking a couple of rats.

Splug led them to the goblin chieftan's lair. The goblins were prepared for a fight and a pitched battle ensued. The sound of muted steel rang out and echoed down the hall as the heroes pushed the goblins back into a corner. Some of the party wanted to rest be Essedil insisted that they press onward.

In a back chamber they found Balgron the Fat. He was surround by body guards, and he shot Tarquin with a cross bow bolt. Essedil fey-stepped to the goblin leader and engaged him while the others fought his warriors and minions. Soon Balgron found he was outmatched but was too stupid to surrender, hoping that somehow Orcus would save him.

It was not to be, Drek leapt in and finished the foul creature off. One lone guard survived as the party's prisoner.

In Balgron's treasure chest, they found a sack of gold and a magical wand.

Session XP: 144
Total XP: 2588

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